Fast Forward Innovation

We are a Data Management company specialised in the development and marketing of a Platform-as-a-Service that creates tailor-made dashboards where business data – coming from different sources (such as CRM, ERP, Analytics, Excel, etc.) – are first mapped and then integrated to create automated reporting.


We want to create value for our customers by providing solutions that minimise (bring it down to zero) time/resources used for data analysis and improve the effectiveness and timeliness of decision making

Our approach

Fast and Simple
We believe that something simple is more effective. We simplify and speed up the operations of our customers with solutions that can be implemented in 30 days at the most.
Focus and Satisfaction
We believe that focusing on value-added activities is important and makes everyone more satisfied with their work. We create the best tools to enable our customers to make accurate decisions quickly.
Quality and Efficiency
We believe in the power of quality data. We automate the entire analysis process, increasing operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Our purpose

What we do

We do data management for the automation of business reporting. Our PaaS (the Data Management System) makes it possible to map all data sources, integrate them and view the desired reports through the construction of customised dashboards, ready to use and able to be queried at any time.

Why we do it

We believe in the value of data, but we know how much time it takes to make the most of it. We help companies automate their reporting, increase productivity, and improve the quality of their employees’ work.

How we do it

Eliminating the time spent on data analysis/reporting Maximising the effectiveness of decision making in all business areas facilitating the timely identification of problems and the consequent implementation of corrective actions

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