Data Management for Sales

With the Sales solution, you reduce Excel usage and manual operation, so you can concentrate on what really matters: making informed sales decisions.
“With the Sales solution every day I can monitor sales, margins, orders, offers and forecasts, with reference to Budget and Previous Year.”
Save time with automatic reporting: up to 8 hours per week per agent
Create and manage incentive plans with a unified and always up-to-date view
Perform a rapid profitability analysis by merging data from multiple source systems

What they say about us

“In my job, I need accurate data and metrics monitored day by day, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of sales and margin at the end of the month. Without Data Management for Sales, it was impossible. I can now track sales, margins, orders, offers and forecasts across sellers, legal entities and geographical areas with reference to Budget and Previous Year, thanks to dashboards updated in real time.”
Paolo, Global Commercial Director
“Every month I prepare the reports for two major sales department appointments, the Sales Meeting at the beginning of the month and the Sales Forecast in the middle of the month, and I carry out ad hoc analysis on sales, margins, orders, offers and forecasts on sellers, legal entities and geographical areas with reference to Budget and Previous Year. Without Data Management for Sales it took 25 hours, while now only 25 minutes! Now I no longer have to extract data and do analysis manually, risking making mistakes. The DMS does it for me automatically and quickly, leaving me time to devote to customer management, my core activity!”
Chiara, Customer Service

The optimal management for your sales force

A sales dashboard has the main goal of allowing a rapid monitoring of the activities of sales agents, and at the same time it can allow the same agents a considerable saving of time in their reporting activities.

Use Cases


Optimize commercial performances

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Streamline pipeline and reporting

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Simplify the sales process

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Standardize sales opportunities

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Other Solutions

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