Streamline pipeline and reporting

Beintoo is a Mobile Data Company that operates in Digital Advertising and Data Driven Marketing.

In the context of the sales force, the growth in the number of agents and the lack of standardisation of some activities had led to various critical issues:

  • Bottlenecks in information flows between Operations and Sales (e.g. manual data transposition processes)
  • Lack of a standardised reporting
  • Non-standardised and time-consuming process of sending commercial e-mail communications
  • Information fragmentation

The Data Management for Sales solution was built through these steps:

  • Data processing and cleansing
  • HubSpot data structure integration on the Google Data Studio platform
  • Construction of custom data view Dashboards with vertical metrics and analysis
  • Data update automation every 60 min

In addition, interventions were carried out to redesign the sales pipeline process, and to automate outbound e-mail sales activities, also through the set-up of HubSpot Sequences.

As a result:


  • – 24% general Time to Close [2020 vs 2021 so far]
  • +47% closed won amount HubSpot [2020 vs 2021 so far]


  • – 90% of the time in creating business reporting
  • – 20% of the time to send e-mails to direct contacts through db cleansing and use sequences
  • Efficiency of the sales “story” during sales meetings through the use of the data view dashboard

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