Data Management for Advertising & Marketing

The Advertising & Marketing solution aggregates all the data related to social and search campaigns, and shows profitability and revenue for each sales channel
“With Data Management for Advertising & Marketing, I finally have more time available, and above all, the possibility of making the right choices.”
Save time with automatic reporting: up to 16 hours less work per month for those who have to produce reports
Always keep all the relevant metrics under control: CTR, CPC, CPM, Conversions: all the fundamental KPIs, available at any time
Easily aggregate data from different campaigns, calculate profitability by channel, and make the most of all marketing levers

What they say about us

“My manager asks me for constant updates on the campaigns, and in addition to the time to produce the report that has to be taken away from the operation, there is always the risk of some error in the copy and paste. With Data Management for Advertising & Marketing, I finally resolved this problem: now I have more time, error-proof reports, and above all, the possibility of making the right choices on the best-performing campaigns.
Sara, Social Media Specialist
“I work for different customers for whom I manage Facebook pages and sponsorships. I had manual templates upon which to transfer the data, but extracting and checking all the data for each customer took me at least 16 hours a month. With Data Management for Marketing & Advertising, I basically do the same job in less than 2 hours, I have a clearer vision, and I can focus more on optimising campaigns, and developing strategies and content. It’s great!”
Marco, Digital Project Manager

Your campaigns and channels, optimised

We love numbers and we know how important they are for making good decisions: a marketing & advertising dashboard monitors campaign results, as well as revenue and profitability for each sales channel.

Use Cases

Advertising - Marketing

Unify data sources

FlexTax is the online accounting management service of your VAT number. In a single Suite are offered all those tools and services useful for a correct management of the VAT...
Advertising - Marketing

Generar lead relevantes

BeSafe Rate es una start-up de servicios BtoB dedicados a los establecimientos hoteleros cuyo objetivo es ofrecer una innovadora tarifa de seguro hotelero reembolsable para el turista y no reembolsable...
Advertising - Marketing

Mejorar las capacidades de profilacion

Vikey es una start-up innovadora en el sector de la hostelería que permite efectuar el check-in a distancia las 24 horas del día a través de un teléfono inteligente, ahorrando...
Advertising - Marketing

Optimizar los procesos de adquisicion

SardexPay es la Comunidad nacional de economía real. Cada día miles de empresas en toda Italia intercambian bienes y servicios pagándolos en Sardex, preservando así la propia cuenta en Euros....
Advertising - Marketing

Unificar las fuentes y los datos

FlexTax es el servicio de gestión de la contabilidad en línea del propio IVA. En un único paquete se ofrecen todas las herramientas y servicios útiles para una correcta gestión...
Advertising - Marketing

Generare lead rilevanti

BeSafe Rate è una start-up di servizi BtoB dedicati alle strutture ricettive volta ad offrire un’innovativa tariffa alberghiera assicurativa rimborsabile per il turista e non rimborsabile per l’albergatore. Nel processo...

Other Solutions

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