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Unify data sources

FlexTax is the online accounting management service of your VAT number. In a single Suite are offered all those tools and services useful for a correct management of the VAT number.

In the face of a sustained acquisition, it was found out that it was difficult to unify various data sources and to keep the results of several concomitant campaigns under control.

With the Data Management for Advertising solution, the following have been realised:

  • Real time connection of Google Ads data with the Google Data Studio platform
  • the construction of custom data view with vertical metrics and analysis: Ad Intelligence, Audience Intelligence and Keyword Intelligence
  • Data unification between advertising panels and CRM

In addition, the set-up and testing of the contact points have been tailor-made with complete tracking of the purchase path of its customers within the digital channels, existing (e.g. Google Ads) or to be validated (e.g. Facebook Ads); and CRM workflow optimisation.

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Advertising - Marketing

Unificar las fuentes y los datos

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