We automate analysis, you take decisions

The Data Management System is our Platform-as-a-Service that supports the decision making of companies: through the mapping of data sources, their integration, and their view in customised dashboards.

Data Management System

Installation and learning times are eliminated with our solution, and the use of software already in use (on premise and SaaS) is also enhanced. Dashboards are ready to use, with multi-source data that can be queried at any time to support data-driven decisions.


17% of the time of the persons who deal with customer data is spent in the search for information. We provide you with ready-to-use data, thus saving you time.

Integrate data
from different sources

We integrate heterogeneous data from different sources to allow you to make the best use of it in your strategy.

Focus on high-value

We analyse data for you, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Make effective

Make informed and effective strategic-commercial business decisions, based on always ready-to-use reports.

Identify problems

Identify unexpected events early and act promptly in troubleshooting.

Get reports
that are always up-to-date

From data analysis to turnkey reporting: we provide you with a tool that is always ready to use.

Information at hand

The Data Management System automatically collects all data and makes it available for use in unified dashboards.

It integrates with over 250 data sources

Whatever your technology stack is, you can get started right away: the Data Management System integrates with over 250 data sources, thanks to connectors that are always up-to-date. And you won’t be bound either to the adoption of additional tools, or by changes to the software solutions in use.

Ready-to-use reporting

With the Data Management System, data is collected, analysed and automatically made available in unified dashboards and ready-to-use reporting, in record time and without the risk of human error.
0 %
It is the percentage of companies that admit that low-quality data management has a negative impact on the customer experience.
0 %
It is the size of companies that miss out on business opportunities due to lack of data management processes and to an outdated vision of the customer.
30/ 0 %
It is the competitive advantage that data-driven companies gain on metrics related to customer engagement, top-line benefits, operational efficiency, and cost savings.


The Advertising solution allows the immediate aggregation of data related to social and search campaigns.
The HR solution makes it possible to integrate personnel management data with every other metric in the company.
The Marketing solution makes it possible to accurately determine revenue and profitability for each channel.
The Omnichannel solution makes it possible to reconstruct user paths on digital and physical channels.
The Sales solution reduces manual uptime and enables informed sales decisions.
The Social solution monitors competitors, returns positioning maps, enriches quantitative data.

F2 Innovation

We call ourselves Fast Forward Innovation because we want to minimise the time and the resources used on data analysis.

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