Use Cases

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Optimize acquisition processes

SardexPay is the National community of the real economy. Every day thousands of companies throughout Italy exchange goods and services by paying for them in Sardex, thus preserving their Euro...
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Unify data sources

FlexTax is the online accounting management service of your VAT number. In a single Suite are offered all those tools and services useful for a correct management of the VAT...
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Generate relevant leads

BeSafe Rate is a start-up of BtoB services dedicated to accommodation facilities aimed at offering an innovative hotel insurance rate that is reimbursable for tourists and non-refundable for hoteliers. ...
Advertising - Marketing

Improve profiling skills

Vikey is an innovative start-up in the hospitality industry that allows hosts to check in remotely 24/7 via smartphone, saving time and money. In its growth path, the company has...

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